Does the car need to stay in its current form? Rather than a car driving itself or a person physically driving it in person, what if the car could be remotely controlled by the driver from a different location. Moreover, what form will cars take when we relieve it from the constraint of carrying humans? This project changes the definitions of the environment that surround the car. Through various sizes of remote cars, each with their own purpose, people can multitask at different locations. The remote car can also be a new way to explore the social landscape.

Remote Car is the project asking question of why do we use and need cars with the remote communication technology we have. The project brings up new concept of drivers drive the cars at their house remotely while they are doing their busy work. It provides multi-task function from its remote feature to not to interfere user’s responsibility. Remote car comes with multiple cars with different features and scale. Rather than having a car that serves multiple functions which is costly, users will have multiple affordable cars that specialize in different functions. Users can remotely control the car to complete everyday tasks or physically replace them in social contexts. These tasks include picking up their groceries, picking clients up from the airport and picking their children up from school The car can also replace the human by attending casual or company parties and exploring local nature which can provide them with new perspectives. The remote car will alter the landscape of city and social interaction between humans.

This project touches questions of what is the car and what people can not do in a car. Extending the definition make me change my knowledge of perspective of what future scape can be. “What people truly need and not need from our surrounding environment?” is the key question I would like to ask for the future or car.

This project asks two fundamental questions. What is the car? And what can people do when they are not physically present in the car? Extending these definitions made my change my personal perspective of what the future of the automobile entails. "What do people truly need, and/or not need, from their surrounding environment?" Was the key question I continue to ask when looking at the future of the automobile.

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