Jelly is an app service that provides keep track on health appointment, food products and litter product for your adorable cat(s). Jelly allow cat owner to catch and store any information that easily slip through your mind such like next vaccine shot or vet appointment. Moreover, Owner can input product information to easliy refill for next time when the owner needs.
      Jelly also supports photo scrapbook where you can upload and collect any stray cat you encounter during your daliy life. The app read photo metadata to import location where the user spotted the stray cat during upload of the photography. The user can share the photo via "nearby" page of the app. Likewise, a user can search what other users shared in different locations.


3 days

Day 1
Problem Defining, Interview, Concept Development, Analysis

Day 2
Concept Refinement, Userflow, Wireframe, Logo Drawing, Insights

Day 3
UX Construct, UI Design, Mock up