Culture of Bacteria

The project Culture of Bacteria - Micro-bonsais focus on to deliver circulation of bio waste, food production and fresh air cycle via bacteria farming for long term space mission in near future. Adpating the idea of 'bonsai' into the bacteria farming would provide recreational task for dull and repeative life in spaceship to take care crews' mental health condition. Moreover, Culture of Bacteria will significantly reduce food and other payload for the initial orbital launch from the ground. By using fully packages kit that included required tools and structure, crews can easily deploy their 'bonsai' to support the ship. This bonsai is trackable via their 'wrist display' with useful information about bacteria which they are growing.


Salton Sea was an extreme environment for the most of animal. However, Bacteria was thriving in this extremely salty water. Salton Sea was truely the home of Backteria
• The Clean Room is the home of modern technology. But, how is the relationship in between bacteria and nano machinery?
• Can we utilize this extremly adaptable life form to benefit humankind to explore in an extreme environment like outer space?


• Establish symbiosis environment with bacteria for humankind's space exploration.
• Create sustainable closed environment like spaceship for long term mission.
• Experiment how each bacteria effected by micro-gravity.
• Support crews' mental health condition during long term mission by providing a task to focus.


Week 1 - lab research / field research (Salton Sea)

Week 2 - Field Research (LA BioHacker)

Week 3 - Field Research (Hyperion Water Reclamation plant, UCLA Biolab)

Week 4 - Production (Prototype/Presentation)